Consider These 4 Tricks To Take Care of Your Lawn During Fall

By Drew Anger - Shark Lawn Specialists In All, Fall Lawn Care No comments

If your lovely lawn looks unhealthy & dry then understand, it’s time to give it life back. I know, how does it look after hot, dry summer. Deliberate the fact that summer can make us look uncool then, think about those delicate lawns who tolerate harmful sun rays throughout the hotter days!

Well, we can’t order the sun to stop baking our bumps! So, let it do its work & find ways to keep our delicate lawn efforts safe & healthy. Although, after hotter days, there comes fall season which is the time to make all the lawns alive. And for that, we have to learn some fall lawn care tips & tricks.


So, what are you waiting for? Come on!…pay attention and learn the ways to keep your lawn healthier on this fall season!

Continue mowing

Start watering & mowing your lawn in proper manner throughout the fall. And when the season starts winding up its effects, drop the mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the running year. As it will allow sunlight to reach the grass and there will be less opportunity for leaves to be turned brown during winter.

Remember, while you opt for mower blade just keep in mind that you should not trim off more than one-third of the grass blades at any time. If you can’t remember this then place a sticky note on the wall to keep it highlighted.

Aerate the soil

Fall is a perfect time to aerate lawn so that water, fertilizer and especially oxygen can easily reach the grass’s root. You should then invest in a self-propelled machine that can quickly punch holes into the soil and extract plugs of dirt. If you have a very large area to cover then, you should hire a landscaping contractor.

Collect the leaves

No one likes to do this job but we have to! Since it is important to remove fallen leaves from your lawn as early as possible. Most of the homeowners wait for the leaves to fall from the trees and then they start collecting them. But, you should not do this way; just start your work. If you do, the leaves will become wet due to rain or morning dew and then after, it’ll become complicated to give the grass proper room to suffocate.

Your main goal should be future growth

Mostly, if you fertilize your lawn once in the whole year then, you should do it in the fall. You may ask, what’s the reason? The reason is, grass leaves grow slowly as the weather turns cool, but the grass roots continue to grow quickly. The season can also deliver required nutrients for the grass to grow them deeply and keep the nutrients reserved for a healthy start in the spring.

Few more to say….

Thus, before seeding a lawn just be careful about different factors. I accept, fall is the best season to let them grow healthily. But, still, some aspects can make your efforts more fruitful! This fall season, go green!