Gift Giving is Overrated

Do you stressed about the holidays and wish you don't have to buy so many gifts?

I give gifts to my immediate family but it's not a big ordeal. During the Christmas holidays, I usually give my parents something they need or help pay a couple of their bills. For my siblings, I give cash or if there is something they needed during the year, I would offer to pay for it rather than wait until Christmas to get them something they don't need. Giving gifts are not putting me in the red so I am happy to give when I can. I only see my family a couple of times a year as I live in a different town so this is also my way of treating them. I don't normally get anything back in return, which I am totally fine with. In fact, if they do, I think they are wasting money because I truly don't need anything. I much rather they use the money smartly on themselves instead of buying me something I don't need.

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Two my good friends and I used to exchange gifts when we we're in our teens to early twenties but over the years we stopped giving each other gifts. We normally just meet up and hang out. Two other girlfriends always give something, usually something small but honestly I think they are doing it out of habit. Regardless, I usually have something ready to give in return. I only see these two friends a couple of times a year so I haven't figured out how tell them not to buy gifts. I am hoping that we eventually just phase out the whole gift giving thing. For all the other friends that live in the different cities, every year in the past so many years I have always sent a card and express my appreciation for their friendship over the years. A few friends who also did this in the past have switched to e cards in last couple of years. I kept up this tradition last year, however, this year I am not sure. I've become increasing more conscious of how un-green (if there is such a word) it is. Send an e card? But it's so impersonal .

I am a big believer in showing appreciation for someone's help or love or care, so I try to give at the moment rather than wait till Christmas. I simply don't like the idea of feeling obligated to give. There's got to be other ways to show each other love and appreciation other than material goods!?

Many talk about how expensive it is to raise kids these days or how teenagers feel they are entitled to everything (such as that iphone and that data package or that Xbox or that trendy cloths or whatever else). Many talk about how hard it is for a high school graduate or college graduate to be on their own because everything is so expensive, from rent to utilities to food, internet, car insurance, car payments, etc. Oh did I mention that iphone data package that somehow has become a need. Is it because parents have handed everything to their kids at a young age that 18 year olds these days can't move out with roommates, to live without a TV and cable, without video games, to take the bus or bike, or can't live without a dishwasher? I may be exaggerating a bit because I don't think I am far off. I think this phenomenal of 'I am entitled to everything' is partly due to gifting. Over the years in person's upbringing up until in their early twenties, they expect gifts at their birthdays and at Christmas! In fact for crying out loud, kids and adults alike make up lists of what they want at each of these occasions. Be grateful when you do receive but you shouldn't expect it!

I have a very difficult time understanding how people go into debt or are already in serious debt to buy gifts for every person in the family and extended family, because it's what they are expected to do.

End rant.

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