Maintaining the Cast Iron Chiminea is Easy

The chiminea is very useful for any garden, with it's attractive appearance and practical functionality. Chimineas we're originally created by Mexican tribesmen as a source of heat and way of cooking food. Nowadays, the chiminea can be found in many UK gardens.

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With their bulbous bodies and chimney like top halves, chimineas are appreciated for their stylish looks.

The cast iron chiminea is a newer type, being more durable than the clay type. The cast iron type can be used to create bigger flames and hold them for longer than their clay counterparts. Although they do not have the history that clay chimineas have, they are contemporary looking and stronger.

You can use your cast iron chiminea for cooking food, hosting barbecues in the sun and toasting marshmallows in the cold. Whichever you decide, your cast iron chiminea can cater for your needs.

Your cast iron chiminea can rust during the wetter months. Cast iron chimineas, as well as other types, should be protected against the elements.

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