If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

There is an old management saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Nobody sets out to fail but we don't always get the best out of our endeavours. I hope this tip helps as it has been great for my garden and ensures there is colour and interest throughout the year. I drew out a plan of our garden about three years ago.The plan stayed the same but I created a copy for each of the four seasons. I then added in the colour that appeared in each season and made a note of the type of plant or bulb that was responsible.This gave me a complete picture, in colour of my garden's year.

When I looked more closely at the results I could easily see any dead spots in the garden and formulate ideas and plans for each part of the year.It helped me improve my bulb planting and keep costs down as I was able to move some bulbs from one area to another.

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I must admit I had some outside help but when I showed my diagrams they knew exactly what I needed, when it should be planted and any after care required.This made my life so much easier and repaid my investment in time several times over.I have continued doing this each year and now it is more a question of tinkering at the edges.But the results are a colourful garden all the year round with a minimum of maintenance.

This idea will work well with school and business grounds, villages taking part in Britain in Bloom and domestic gardens.So why not give it a try.It is a good time to start when you can't get out into the garden because of the bad weather.If you are a school or business then why not contact Groomfields to see how they can help.

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Oh, I really want to note the base idea regarding this charming information was generously given via John from monet landscape corp. They are really a brilliant landscaping companys. I truly treasure a great suggestion!

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