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How to Grow in Limited Spaces: Container Gardening

A small home needs a smaller garden than most. Before you throw out your spade and shovel, remember there are options. It is container gardening. This nature of gardening can be done indoors or outside on a patio, or as a part of your landscape. This is an excellent way to grow all those organic favorites, just in a smaller space. Choosing containers for a garden can be a fun experience. There really are no restrictions, save that the plant container should be made of food grade material. Adequate drainage is crucial with container gardening. The alternative is to let the roots rot in the soupy soil. Proper drainage can be obtained through a number of methods. Traditionally holes are put on the bottom, but that does not work well if the container is on the floor or porch steps. There is no place for the water to go. One alternative method is to move the holes to the side of the container.

You need to make sure that the soil used is the best you can find. The soil should allow the plants to get the moisture it needs, and still not get over saturated. Try to use something other than traditional garden soil. That way, you'll get the drainage you need, and won`t have to worry about compaction. There is a large variety of mixes readily available at most garden centers that are specifically for container gardening, or you can design your own mix for the specific needs of the plants you`re growing. Another thing to consider is the nutritional health of your plants. Getting the proper nutrient levels from potting soil is sometimes difficult; it may be missing key components found in an organic garden. In most cases, you will need to give the plants the nutrients they need to grow.

There is a large variety of organic fertilizers available on the market designed specifically for container gardening. Be certain to follow the directions, and remember that less is more effective when it comes to fertilizers. It`s also a good idea to think about how you are going to water your plants when container gardening. Unlike traditional gardening, container gardening is prone to drying out due to wind and lots of sun. It is an important part of the system to monitor the soil moisture.

Many people find organic gardening quite fun. Container gardening is certainly a viable option, especially if you don`t have the room for a traditional garden. Why not try container gardening for you? The worst thing that will happen is that you'll have some small plants to give away.

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