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You can see a large list on the right hand side of my blog. I follow about 400 great design/lifestyle blogs in my Google Reader. If you don't have a Google Reader account, you should set one up. A lot of blogs out there will have a "follow" box where you can choose to have it show up in your reader. The great thing about GR is that it will show the entire list of blogs you follow, but will only highlight the ones with posts that you have not read. It will also tell you how many posts are unread. It's a great way to skim through if you are in a hurry. No need to click to the individual blogs or websites.

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This is a relatively new site, I thinkAt least it's pretty new to me. Where did I learn about Pinterest? From other design blogs of course. You can find Pinterest here. This is the linkthat goes directlyto my page, here.I'm not quite sure if you can see my page if not a member, but if not, you can search for me, Sarah Jones.

So what is Pinterest? Pinterest is kind of like an online bulletin board. Gone are the days of saving images from online sites, and having to name the file to remember where it came from. On Pin, {going to call it that for short}, you will add a "bookmarklet" to your favorites list or toolbar. When you are surfing the net, and come across a cool picture or product, you click the "pin it" link, and it will allow you to save to Pin. First you will need to set up an account, and create some boards. You can name your boards, and have as many as you like in order to group your findings.

Here are a few examples of my board names:

-great interiors & exteriors

-easy looking recipes

-cool work spaces

You can also search for certain things, or look at your friends' Pinboards!

If you go to my Pinterest, you may notice two boards called "baby stuff," and "a nursery plan." That's because we are expecting, and are due in February!!! More on that later.


This is another great site for searching for specific things like bedrooms, or neutral living rooms. You can find it here. I like to search by"photos."

Southern Living

I also like to search pictures on the Southern Living website. You can click here.They have different categoriesunder Home & Garden and Decorating.

Of course there are so many great sources of inspiration out there, but these are just a few of my normal go to sites!

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