Don't Sweat Small Stuff No, really. Don't.

You see something, or hear something, or read something. You do not like whatever it is.

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Instant reaction. Confusion. Irritation. Your mind starts reeling with ideas and possible ways to give feedback and your whole body is set to react to what you've just seen, heard or read.

How many times a week/month/year does that happen to you? Of all the times, how many of them stem from something you might consider small?

Small Stuff = Not Important

I'd consider myself a highly emotional person. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and for writers/bloggers like myself, it can be quite challenging to do that when your entire image is sort of created out of other people's perceptions of you and your work.

If you're an emotional person, too, you can probably understand. It's the constant second-guessing before hitting "Publish," or it could also be just the constant reaction to things that irritate you. For me, it's seeing non-sense writing get a lot of attention. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when fluff, jelly, or just "air" things that have no substance get elevated to new heights by mindless sheep.

What is small in that pet peeve of mine is my reaction itself. It is small, not important, and should be ignored. How do we ignore our own reactions? Not easily, but it can be done and must be done to keep in alignment with our purpose.

Don't Pick Up Someone Else's Trash

It was so long ago now that I can't remember who the man is that originally told this story, but here it is: if someone walking down the street towards you throws trash at your feet, is it your responsibility to then pick it up and deal with it? No. Of course, that is speaking hypothetically. I would definitely pick up trash if I saw it there and a trash can was within site also. But speaking philosophically, the point is that it's not our job to respond to everyone else's life's productions. Whether they are just rude comments, or insults directed right at you, there's simply no reason to carry their burden. It's theirs. Let them deal with it.

Don't Produce Trash for Other People

Likewise, there's no reason to create more trash to be dealt with. So often I have wanted to write a blog post chastising bloggers for being so elementary in their writing. But I have to remind myself two things: (1) it's not important to you, and (2) don't litter the blog world with more junk. I have to remind myself daily to be helpful, constructive, and to write for readers.

Remember Two Things: Passion and Joy

If you do start to react, maybe it will help to stop right in the middle of it all and ask (1) how does my reaction help me express my passion? and (2) how does my reaction add to my joy?

Chances are, if you're reacting to something negative, it doesn't do either of those things. It doesn't fit in with your purpose, or help create a positive living legacy, either. For that, you need passion and joy, and the "thing" you're reacting to as well as your reaction itself are squelching passion and joy.

So, don't sweat it. Really.

It's not easy to let things go, but sometimes, you just have to. So today's lesson to myself and to others is, don't sweat the small stuff. Reeeeallly .

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