What every woman needs to ask herself

When do I feel like my true self?Do you feel like your brain is overloaded with thoughts of "don't eat that", "how will I fit into that dress", "are my thighs are rubbing together", "I need to start eating healthy tomorrow"? When does all that inner chatter stop for you? Is it when you're painting, hanging out with loving, supportive people; maybe it is a certain place that brings you ease, like being in nature, or your cottage? Think about what you are doing when you are completely at peace with yourself. What does it look like, what career are you in, what do your relationships feel like?

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What sets my soul on fire?Are you living the life of your dreams, or are you living the life you think you are supposed to? Have you put good thought into what you truly desire? Is fear or obligation getting in the way of what you actually want for your life? Maybe feeling pressured by your parents, or even being told how to live your life according to them or society. I want you to ditch all of that for the moment and ask yourself, what really lights you up. Sit down with a pad of paper and start writing.

What are the stories I am making up that do not serve me?This took me a bit of therapy to figure out but was truly a blessing when I would catch myself making up stories about my past that would affect my future.

Take a stroll back into your childhood; is there anything that really sticks out that might have had a negative effect on you? Maybe you had your heart broken, teachers saying you wouldn't amount to anything, your parents putting pressure on you to be perfect or didn't pay attention to you or they we're fighting all the time? What stories did you tell yourself about the world around you to cope with these situations? I will tell you right now, they're all BULL SHIT. To this day I still remember my high school guidance counselor basically telling me "you are too stupid to take advanced science", a course I needed to get into Massage Therapy College. I took that science class and continued on to do very well in Massage school, but his words stuck with me for years. Eventually I no longer believed that I was stupid, but I still made up a story in my mind that I wasn't smart enough. It took some time but I now appreciate my strengths and my weaknesses. Its not easy, I can still get triggered; someone calling me out on my poor grammar or being nervous when I am about to do something new ( like write this blog!). But I now have the confidence to put myself out there knowing that some people may not like what I have to say or that my writing isn't good enough, but guess what? I don't care. You heal the stories you make up in your mind and become who you truly are.

What am I missing in my life?Ask yourself this "what void am I trying to fill"? I know I am guilty of this from time to time. There are endless ways to fill voids in our lives; alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, shopping, sex, over exercising, excessive health eating are all examples of void fillers. When we are not living our authentic truth we may find ways to try to control our lives or alternatively we can lose control completely. This is exhausting and damaging to the soul. This can take a lot of self reflection and work to sort out and it can be painful which is why many people try to avoid it.Ask yourself, what am I missing? Why am I trying to fill voids that do not actually fill me up with love and excitement?

Grab your pen again and write.

Write a list of 30 things that bring you joy, I am talking the small and big things, like sleeping in late, or planning a trip

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to tell me what is on your 30 list or a story you made up about yourself.

You are loved.

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