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Our partnership program is designed to reward contractors and tradesmen and provide them with an added source of income even after completing their own project. By referring a customer that is in need of a new lawn or lawn repairs over a large area, our referring partner receives 7-10% of our total project value (before tax) by cash or cheque. No contribution necessary, you are simply rewarded for your referral.

Partnering with us is an ideal source of added income for contractors specializing in new developments. After completing their work, the contractor then refers their customer to us, or us to their customer, and then receives a referral commission (7-10%, see below) if we are awarded the project. Our business solutions are also suited for excavation companies and developers but is not limited to only these; we have partners in real estate, roofing and even simply some of our satisfied customers. There is no minimum number of projects you must refer in order to receive your commission, your cash or cheque is sent as soon as we receive payment from the customer.

In most cases, our partners are earning an extra $200-$600+ per project for nothing but a simple referral and positive recommendation. All of our partners operate on a no-commitment basis, and have the option to refer only the customers they see fit. Sign up to become a partner today and begin maximizing your earning potential.

How It Works


There's no commitment. Sign up and we'll add you to our list of certified partners to ensure you are credited for your referrals.


This package contains a document similar to this webpage that outlines all of the partnership details/incentives, as well as a seeding information package with your unique contractor code to give to your referrals.


Once you have received your partnership package, continue working as you always would. Once nearing completion of a project you feel is applicable to our Referral Project Guidelines, give the customer a seeding information package and have them call us, or invite us to them for a free consultation.


After the referral, we meet with the customer to discuss their needs and perform a project overview. We analyse variables of the project and leave them with a quote. At this step a positive recommendation can be very helpful in securing the client.


If we are awarded the project, we begin working as soon as possible. Our seeding working season is limited to spring and fall, so projects reviewed in the summer/winter are often pushed until more ideal weather arrives.


Once the project has been completed, an invoice is sent to the customer with 21-day payment terms. Once we receive payment from the customer your cash or cheque is sent to you via mail and you treat yourself or your staff to something nice!
Popular Questions
How do you know if the customer was referred by us if we are no longer at the job site?
Communication is key here, if you refer a customer you believe will be coming in contact with us, send us a simple text, email or phone call with the name and address of the customer along with your company name for our records. This will ensure your receive credit for your referral and are sent your commission. Furthermore, the referral packages we send you contain your unique partnership ID, and after consulting with the customer, we will still determine if it is a referral project.
How long does it take after my referral until I receive payment?
This is dependant on the project. After the referral we must still be awarded the project, it will then take a few days to schedule and complete the work (in season). The project will then be invoiced to the customer with 21-day terms. As soon as we receive payment from the customer you will be sent your referral commission by cash or cheque.
I've run out of information packages for my customers, can I get more?
As long as we are receiving work from some of your referrals, absolutely. Send us an email, text or call us and we'll send you more right away.
What kind of projects can be used as a referral?
Most new lawn projects are applicable. These include seeding a new lawn after building, weeping bed repairs, excavation repairs, additions, and much more. We generally require the project value to be over $1000 to be considered a referral. To put that into perspective, most new lawn projects range from $2500-$8000, and partial lawns or repair projects generally range from $800-$4000.
Are there any strings attached?
Simply put, no. We are a small, family company that rewards the individuals that help bring us new business and potential long-term clients. Our partnership program has no commitment or minimum referral amount, we simply help those who help us.
Earning Scale


Project value $1000-$1999 CAD.


Project value $2000-$3999 CAD.


Project value $4000 CAD or more.

Note: The more referrals you make, the higher we will raise your commission percentage. Contact us for more details.

Referral Project Guidelines

Below are characteristics of projects that qualify for our referral program:

  • Seeding Project
  • Project valued at $1000+
  • Located in Southern Ontario
  • New Lawns
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Medium-Large Lawn Repairs

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Become a Partner

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NOTICE: We have begun working this business part time to explore other business avenues. Still feel free to call Bill and chat about your project, but we can't guarantee we'll have time for every project. Thanks for understanding.
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