Fall Lawn Care

Our fall lawn care package is the perfect way to rejuvenate your lawn after a hot, dry summer while also preparing it for its upcoming winter hibernation. With this package, your lawn will receive services specially bundled to the treat needs of any lawn during the fall. With an aeration, a double dosage of fertilizer, and an overseed, your lawn will be finally receiving all the water, nutrients and fertility it craves after the summer droughts. Fall improvements will also add infant growth throughout lawn. This brand new growth will not only thicken your lawn in the short-term, but also improve the resilience of your lawn during hibernation and spark faster, healthier growth come spring.

Our fall package is essential for any lawn. To maximize results, we make personalized judgements based on the individual and different needs of each lawn. We apply double to triple the dosage of fertilizers and overseed in comparison to our competitors, and treat each lawn as if we were improving our own. With our fall services package you can count on better results, a healthier lawn, affordable prices and neighbourly service.

What do we get?
Permeate the surface of your lawn to allow water to be adequately absorbed, oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots and new growth to begin.
A double dosage of premium fertilizer (32 kg/half acre) to revitalize your soil with the essential nutrients your lawn craves after the summer months.
Application of overseed specific turf seed (22.7 kg/half acre) to spark new, resilient growth that will survive winter hibernation and continue in the spring.
Unmatched Service
We are a small, family operated company that specializes in lawn care. We treat each lawn as if it were our own and work to satisfy each and every of our customers.
Lawn care in the Fall?
Restores health
The heat and drought brought by summer is stressful to the well being of your lawn. Servicing your lawn in the fall provides your lawn with everything it needs to revitalize its health.
Prepares for hibernation
Winter is long and can have damaging effects on your lawn. By preparing your lawn in the fall, it will have all the nutrients it needs to bounce back in the spring.
Thicker, greener lawn in spring
By preparing your lawn in the fall, the applied nutrients, new growth and remaining seed will allow your lawn to bounce back quicker and greener in the spring.
Fast improvments
Your lawn will be richer, thicker and greener after only a few weeks.
Achieve desired results faster
By pairing spring and fall services, you will achieve your dream lawn much faster and the results will be even more magnificent.

Save $20 by Booking Online

We'll take an additional $20 off of your invoice simply for booking online before September 18th.
Choose the "Fall Lawn Care Package" on our booking page and we'll automatically take off an extra $20!


Fall Lawn Care Package

Includes aeration, fertilizer, overseed and professional application. Prices do not include 13% HST sales tax. Contact us for pricing for lawns over 1 acre.


Includes aeration, 16 kg of premium fertilizer, 11.4 kg of overseed and professional application. Save an additional $20 by booking online.


You save $20 with this package. Includes aeration, 32 kg of premium fertilizer, 22.7 kg of overseed and professional application. Save an additional $20 by booking online.


You save $35 with this package. Includes aeration, 64 kg of premium fertilizer, 45.4 kg of overseed and professional application. Save an additional $20 by booking online.
NOTICE: We have begun working this business part time to explore other business avenues. Still feel free to call Bill and chat about your project, but we can't guarantee we'll have time for every project. Thanks for understanding.
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