Development Seeding

You just spent loads of money building, renovating or repairing, and now it's time to clean up the mess and achieve a healthy green lawn that satisfies your new improvements. Our proven lawn seeding process yields maximum results and produces thick, comfortable lawns.

Service Overview

Seeding new developments is our speciality, and the reason we are the go-to company for a number of contractors and developers. We pride ourselves in producing industry best lawns while saving our customers time and money. Our project turnaround time is blazing fast – we'll have your lawn ready for action in no time.


We begin by prepping the site — the soil is tilled and rocks and debris are screen and removed. We then level the soil and smoothly transition it into any existing grass. The soil is now ready to be seeded. The property is sewn in at least two different directions to ensure maximum coverage. Premium turf seed is utilized in order to achieve maximum results. The soil is then sealed with a roller and ready for water.

Why Choose Us

We offer a premium lawn seeding service that is second-to-none. With us you receive neighbourly care and competitive advantages including:

  • Full prep of site
  • Screen removal of rocks and other debris
  • Levelling and transitioning
  • Double sewn seeding
  • 2-3x seed applied vs. competitors
  • Sealed to reduce washouts
  • Lower prices
Popular Questions
When's the best time to book a seeding project?
The most optimal time to seed a new development is in early-mid spring or in the fall. With the wetter conditions and the warmth during spring and fall, you will see the most growth during these seasons.
How long will my lawn take to grow?
With the right weather, you will generally see the seed beginning to sprout within the first two weeks. It then takes about two months until you reach a full growth. If the weather is hot and dry, consider applying a sprinkler at least 6 hours a day until you see further growth.
How long do I wait until I mow my new lawn?
It's best to let your lawn firmly root itself before mowing it. Once your growth reaches an average of about 6-8 inches in most areas, it's a good time for the first mow.
How long does a seeding project take?
This depends completely on the size of the property and the condition we are starting from. But generally, a residential seeding project takes no longer than 2 days from start to finish, including preparation & screening, levelling, seeding, and sealing.
How much will it cost to seed my lawn?
This is entirely dependant on the size of the property, the equipment used and the time it takes us to complete the project. Including site preparation, screening/debris removal, levelling & transitioning, double-sewn seeding, sealing and a follow-up top seed, a half acre lot would generally be in the $3000-$4000 range. Book a Free appointment with us to get a quote personalised to your project.
Do you offer follow-up services to improve my new lawn?
Yes we do, we recommend (at a minimum) aerating, top seeding and fertilising your lawn every year in order to achieve maximum results and a thick, healthy lawn. We'd be happy to do this for you, book an appointment with us online, by call or by email.
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“Bill and Drew handled everything. Showed up to a rough grade and by the end of the day had smoothed everything and removed all the stones. Lawn began sprouting in the first week. Excellent service… Highly recommended.”
Tony T&D Restorations
“They stayed until sunset 3 nights in a row to complete all the seeding before the rain. Stand up guys that care about what they’re doing. My lawn is coming in great so far.”
John Millbank, ON
“Recommend them to all of my customers. Handle projects fast and efficiently and don’t leave until they are satisfied with their own work.”
Dennis DJ Construction
NOTICE: We have begun working this business part time to explore other business avenues. Still feel free to call Bill and chat about your project, but we can't guarantee we'll have time for every project. Thanks for understanding.
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